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Teenagers in Covid-19

What Teenagers In Covid-19 Are Going Through

Teenagers in Covid-19 are not alone. There are online support groups, social media, and this great platform of COVID-TV to let teenagers be who they are and share their stories, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. All that is at teenagers' fingertips allows them to interact with their peers, but it also allows them to meet new friends and other teenagers in their age groups. There is proof with the teenagers in Covid -19 that with every bad thing that happens in the world, something positive can always come out of a horrible situation. Adults to children have been affected in some form or fashion with COVID-19. No one in the world has gone through this unaffected. Many teenagers are feeling overwhelmed as their lives have completely turned upside down. For teenagers, the world sometimes moves slowly when they feel punished. No one sent them in "timeout," but that is how they all feel.

Since COVID-19 is everywhere in the world, it is hard to determine how anyone has the illness. It mostly takes 14 days before symptoms begin to show. For some, there are no symptoms, but they are carriers. Those who come in contact with COVID-19 find out they have to undergo quarantine and isolation. Teenagers and quarantine are not a good combination. It is a punishment for something that is not their fault. Unfortunately, it is mandatory to help stop the spread of the virus. Many of the adults in the family have been around someone with the illness, and they, as a family, end up finding themselves in quarantine. For some families, teenagers and quarantine are still a reality as most of the country opened up, and the second wave of COVID-19 is always fearful. As more people come in contact with each other, some have contracted the second wave.

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