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Teenage Support Quarantine

Ways to Help Teenagers Cope During Lockdown Mandates

These last few months for teenagers have been the most trying times, as many find themselves caught up in the world events and effects of COVID-19. COVID-TV is set up as a teenage support quarantine effort to help teenagers cope during lockdown. COVID-TV covers ten countries, 32 cities, and 52 schools where teenage support quarantine groups share their experiences. It is not only to tell their stories but also to take action when teenagers feel tortured from isolation. The human race intends not to separate from each other but to find consolation in one another when the world faces events we are all witnessing at this time. Thank goodness for today's technology, where it is a little easier to meet and keep in touch with each other while remaining safe and socially distanced. We all need to lean on one another, and the biggest problem with isolation and separation is the feeling of being alone.

There are many ways to help teenagers cope with lockdown. The majority of teenagers have computers, phones, tablets, and other devices to bring to their fingertips the outside world. Schools closed down longer than they ever have in history. Most have been closed for six months, some even longer. Curriculums for the end of the school year ended abruptly, along with sports, events, and parties. It is tough on adults, but it is even harder for teenagers who have not been in physical contact with their friends other than a computer or phone screen. With COVID-TV, their voices cry out to the world what they are feeling. They also give suggestions to those who are having a hard time facing the dangers of isolation. The basis of this platform is to let everyone know, "we are all in this together." Though the online interaction is not the same as physical, at least the teenagers have a way to express themselves.

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