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The Differences Between A Quarantine Blog Versus Regular Teen Blogs

Regular teen blogs would tell a story of a way of life before the COVID-19 pandemic. Most would talk about their dates, or play with their pets, or shopping, going to the mall, hanging out, and other things teens like to do. Hobbies would be another hot topic of choice when one thinks about the content in teen blogs. Daily routines of going to school and hanging out with friends are what we would find on social media. Teen blogs would be no different. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it drew a line in time when life changed drastically. Some handled the situation well in the beginning while others have a hard time recovering from the isolation. Those who dealt with the situation well, in the beginning, are getting tired of this way of life and are finding themselves becoming angry, while others become depressed. The feelings of living life to the fullest flow from regular teen blogs.

A quarantine blog paints a different picture. It depicts a scene from the aftermath and effects of COVID-19, where fear and panic struck the entire world. The feelings flow from the words of teenagers who wrote a quarantine blog, but the scene is not so happy. Pain, fear, restlessness, and worry are inside every meaning of their words. Other teens who know the feeling can feel every word written. Parents and even adults with no children can feel the torture of what these teens are going through. This feeling brings adults and teenagers together because it is the first time we all understand each other and found a closeness that was not there before COVID-19 began.


Tell us about your experience, how it has affected you and your family, how you are spending your quarantine, and anything else that has made this experience crazy for you. 

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