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Speak Up: Write Congress

The COVID-19 pandemic brought countless side-effects – and a lot of them are inflicted by our government’s responses to issues. Apply to be an ambassador to get creative and send letters to congress about unfair laws and regulations that have been made, or in regards to anything that is missing, during this time.


A pandemic equals chaos. In the case of COVID-19, it has resulted in a tangled mess worldwide. In this mess, authorities have overlooked issues that amplify the problems at people’s doorsteps for various groups. However, sending letters to congress gives you the power to influence their decision making process, or even push them to make a decision. In this project, you have the choice between writing to city mayors and writing to congress.

Crowd with Masks

H O W  T O  G E T  I N V O L V E D

Here's what you need to do:


First, apply to be an ambassador for this project so we know that you are leading this project! 

Then, reach out to friends, family, peers, and others to also get involved and write these letters.

Addressing the letter. Use your city’s website (for example, to find the mayor’s address.

  1. Formalities and formatting. Make sure to address the mayor by “Mayor [Last Name]”, and refer to them with the title “The Honorable”. On the top of the envelope, write the variation of this relative to your state – “The Honorable Megan Barry Mayor of Nashville.” Altogether, your letter should fit into a page (at the most a little over), and should be three to five paragraphs long. Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, should be used to stay formal!

  2. Writing the letter.

    1. Introduce yourself in the first paragraph, through spending three to five sentences telling them who you are in relation to the issue you’ll be bringing up. Ensure to connect yourself to your concern – do not include irrelevant details about yourself! Make sure to introduce yourself as a member of COVID-TV.

    2. Describe the issue of your concern – using bullet points to provide facts is effective. Give specific details of what made you concerned.

    3. Briefly tell them how you feel about the issue. (For example – “we find this to be extremely unfair,” or “I was extremely appalled by your decision to.” If your issue is more about something that is missing, “I believe that the lack of ____ is extremely detrimental”)

    4. Offer suggestions and solutions. You could give examples of similar situations in other cities, and effective solutions that they used.

    5. Ask your mayor for help. (For example: “We ask that this matter be given immediate attention. Your responsiveness to the city’s concerns thus far in your term of office make us certain that you will give equal weight to our request.”) 

    6. Thank them for their time. (For example: “Thank you for your prompt attention”). Make sure to sign the letter!

  3. What to write about.

    1. During the time of Coronavirus, you can write to your representatives asking them to pass immediate SNAP bills that provide money to vulnerable families who cannot afford groceries in this time

    2. Ask them to pass bills that help “flatten the curve” or end the Coronavirus pandemic

    3. You can ask for general change too! Although right now most people will be focused on the Coronavirus, you can also send letters about other topics, like the environment. 


Note: Under the current circumstances, you should follow your state/city’s protocol in regards to mail and the post office. If your post office is closed, use your state website to find an online method to contact your mayor. Make sure to still follow the format and formalities outlines above!

Become an ambassador for this project at your school

Any Questions? Ask here.

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