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Where are we now?

So where are we now? Many of us have stopped social distancing, many of us have started going back to restaurants or seeing friends again, so are we back to normal? I’ve also noticed that because it has been a few months many people have become less motivated to wear masks or make an active effort to help their community through masks or monetary donations.

But I think it's so important to remember that this situation is not over and done. While it may not seem like it and many of us are in a summer mindset, this pandemic is likely to continue for many more months. Many of us will probably have to continue online learning or invent a hybrid learning system for the fall. Even though this is upsetting and seems like it will never end, we as teenagers need to set an example.

Let us use this experience to set a new precedent for public service and social justice action! Continue to help people, whether it's through one of our community projects or even complimenting someone you see on a walk. Continue to spread the kindness and gratefulness that we have set during the time of Covid-19. Remember when we all flashed lights for health care workers? They are still doing their jobs, they are still fighting Covid-19. So why do we not continue to thank them? And why don’t we thank them enough during normal times for saving so many lives each day. I know our mindsets may be on swimming or hanging with friends or going to the beach, but let us not forget the kindness that we were taught during the past few months.

We can also take this same initiative to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. Covid-19 may not be the first thing on our minds anymore, but this movement should be. BLM is a fight for human rights, and we need to show it the compassion and activism that we showed during the past few months in the pandemic. Whether its speaking out, protesting, or informing yourself on Black history, we need to be active right now as we make history.

So long story short, we are still in the time of pandemic. But we are also in a time of fighting for human rights. So please continue to take the precautions that we took during the past few months, because this is not over, and your safety is the most important thing. But also continue to make a change in the world. Go to a protest, become an ambassador for one of our community projects. Do what you can to make an impact right now.

Remember, we are all in this together, even when we feel so apart.

Lauren :)

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