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Wellness With Bella

Submitted by Stella Dale from New Trier High School in Illinois.

Different nationwide crises have been impacting many people recently. The riots over injustice over African American people, is something I have gotten to see up close. I split my time between my two parents one who lives in Chicago, and the other who lives in a suburb close by. I am truly so fortunate to get the best of both worlds when it comes to where I am. Two weeks ago, when looting became a part of every child and adults vocabulary, it was scary because it was all happening so fast. In Chicago, the looting and violent protesting mainly started in the loop, then traveled up north and to other areas beyond. Just one street over from me a couple jewelry stores were looted, and I knew at that moment, that what these people were protesting for, was something the government really needed to hear. It is so terrible how after so many years, there is still racism towards certain minorities just because of the way they look.

With all of the looting, and the pandemic of course, certain people in Chicago haven't been able to support themselves in these difficult times. When I was in Junior High, I had the blessing of going to a school with a lot of diversity in Chicago. I saw kids from all walks of life, which really made me appreciate where I am in my life today. When I moved to Chicago in 2013, I remember thinking that I am going to be friends with some really nice kids. As we all grew up, and I slowly started to realize more about Chicago, I learned that more than 20% of all of Chicago sits in poverty each year. Now that I think back, I could be going to school with someone who is in that position. During these times, I couldn't imagine what they were going through. However one night, I was watching the local news with my family, the most amazing thing popped up that had gotten all our attention. Wellness with Bella, a program that teaches West/South side students to cook for their families at home and school, is now giving out meals for CPS students who live in those areas. Up to $50 can supply a child for an entire week, so if you would like to donate, I will link her page below. Fortunately enough, I don't have to think about where my next meal is coming from, but it makes me feel better to know that there are people in the world that are taking their time to help others in need.

Visit Wellness with Bella here.

I also know talking about these things Is a completely sore subject for some people so I want to include a joke to make things the littlest bit lighter.

Whats the best day to go to the beach?


Stella :)

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