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Time To Think

Submitted by Archie Shannon from William Ellis School Year 10, London

I'm bored. Who would've guessed that? Of course it was going to happen, but strangely I find myself doing exactly the same things I was doing before lockdown. I was mindlessly playing video games and watching endless hours of Netflix just like I'm doing now, but before I saw no problem. In fact, I really enjoyed spending time online with friends. Now, all it does is make me realise how much I took for granted. I took so, so much for granted.

As cliché as it sounds, lockdown has really made me take a step back. It's made me think about stuff more and more. I couldn't put a finger on what I've been thinking about, simply because there's too much stuff I've been thinking of. But that's not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing at all. There's one thing that we all do when we're bored, and that's think about stuff. The stuff we though about before was just stuff but now, to me at least, it's stuff I miss. I don't really know how to end this so I'm just gonna give some advice to anyone who's bored out of their minds: Think about stuff. Let your imagination do whatever. If you miss the stuff you think about, then imagine when you'll be able to see it again.

Archie :)

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