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They Go to Work For Us, So Stay Home for Them

Submitted by Drew from Omaha Westside High School in Nebraska.

I don’t know much about Covid-19, but I know it’s serious and should be taken seriously. Although it’s inconvenient for everyone, including me, to be stuck at home, not able to go to school or other activities I would like to, I know it’s in everyone’s best interest. The faster everyone realizes that quarantine doesn’t mean going to your friends house, or going out to eat, the faster this whole thing will come to an end. Along with that, online schooling is also not the most convenient for students, but I know that teachers and other staff members of my school are doing their best, and I’m sure the same applies for other schools as well. We are all trying to make the best of the situation we are in, and by staying positive and staying home, you can make a difference!  

Drew :)

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