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The Stay-at-Home Strategy

Submitted by Stella from New Trier High School in Chicago.

There's not much you really need to know about me, other than the fact that I love clothes. I like looking at them, I certainly love shopping for them, but most importantly I absolutely love wearing them. I like following trends and new styles, and love putting them together.

I'm used to seeing people on a daily basis but now that's not normal. Because of recent orders from the President of the United States, different governors of different states and other officials, we've been told to stay home and make minimal contact with the outside world. Obviously if I were to get ready for the day I wouldn't be going anywhere, so my first instinct in the morning when I get dress is to put on another pair of sweatpants and another hoodie. I'll cozy up in my socks and my slippers and head downstairs for breakfast. Every. Single. Day.

But this isn't the way we should be running our lives while being stuck at home. We still need to be working and doing school, and still stay productive. Research says that you're more likely to procrastinate if you live in sweatpants and a hoodie every single day at home. So the question I'm answering today is: how can we be productive and get things done effectively from the comfort of our home? My personal take on this matter would be to take a half-and-half approach on what you're wearing and how you feel, to where you are working and how you are working. In the morning if you decide you want to dress a little more comfier that day, you put on a pair of sweatpants or leggings, and throw on a tee or a hoodie. Taking a more relaxed approach to what you wear only affects you. What you wear makes your entire day, trust me. I'll go to school wearing a nice blouse and jeans and I feel so good about myself and everyone is commenting on my outfit, but when I come in sweatpants and a hoodie with my hair tied back I don't feel as good about myself. If wearing sweatpants and comfy clothes makes you feel good and makes you feel okay then that's exactly what you should do. You shouldn't second-guess what you love best. When you get dressed in your comfy clothes find a workspace or a table or a cleared space on your floor to sit down and work effectively. As long as you're compromising your comfort with a situation that won't bring you down or set you back in anyway, then you should be as comfy as you'd like. Now say you're feeling really good about yourself and feel like you just want to get dressed like it would be on a regular workday or school day. You could get dressed in your favorite outfit but work from your bed. If you feel good about yourself and what you are and then wherever you work will compromise to that and be efficient.

I wouldn't be explaining this strategy if it wasn't effective in my own life. Last week was our first week of remote learning and after trial and error, I made the conclusion that on days I dressed normally I participated better and worked more consistently. Even though our lives are now revolving around our homes, our style games doesn't have to be paused.

Stella :)

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