The Power of Doing Nothing

Submitted by Jordan from Lincoln Park High School in Chicago.

I've basically been doing nothing over this quarantine. The break from school has been a very nice rest from normal everyday life, but since I have almost nothing to do I feel like I'm wasting away my day. But I also have to remember that I usually have a super busy day in normal life.

I go to Lincoln Park, so I wake up around 7am and get ready and get on the train to go to school. From then on I feel like I'm non stop. I go from class to class, and then have either dance or lacrosse practice. Then I don't get home until late, and have to do all my homework. So I guess that this quarantine has actually given me a break. I have been able to take a step back from my normally busy life and actually relax. I have also found that I have been able to spend more time with my family than normal. For example, my brother just found out which high school he is going to next year, and I was actually able to celebrate with him. So even though I miss my friends, the bright side of this situation is that I am able to relax, and spend time with my family.

Jordan :)