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Surviving Covid Winter 101

Submitted by Stella from New Trier High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Today, people get upset at random things. We are all at the point of coronavirus where we all have the need to throw our pillows at the wall. Being stuck at home and having restrictions on our daily lives is the hardest it's ever been, now more than ever. In March, when Covid hit, some thought the lockdown would be a couple weeks, while others thought years. The madness of cases getting high, stores being shut down, and getting groceries online, was our new normal. And it still is.

Online shopping and zoom calls are a part of most daily lives now- in school, for work, and for major events and celebrations. Zoom has allowed us to connect with those we love most, even when we are many many miles apart. It’s like that High School Musical song. “Even if we're miles apart!” Cue Sharpay and Troy's stage lights. Anyways, the amount of cases is getting worse nationwide, and with the major cities having a hard time controlling it, who knows where covid will go next.

Now, cities like Chicago are having major struggles. Is it possible we are looking at another lockdown? Maybe. With a matter of time, we could be looking at a relapse of March and April. I have you covered with tips guaranteed to make the second phases covid transition, a little easier. First off, take many breaks. Whether it's for work, school or even just cleaning up the living room, taking breaks is crucial. However, don’t spend the time on your phone checking Instagram because one, who is posting anyways? And two, you don’t need to consume yourself in other peoples lives when everyone is just like you during this time. Go for a walk, and if it’s too cold to bundle up, do a couple laps around the kitchen. Or take a 10 minute Chloe TIng workout online. It’s important to get outside as much as possible, so by taking 5-10 minutes to go outside, any excerise is good for you. Secondly, make sure to allow time for you to do other things like a hobby, or indoor covid safe activity. With many places closing, take up a new hobby. It doesn't have to be costly. Bike riding, indoor spinning, knitting or even painting. Regardless of what it is, it’s something that can be fun and use up time. With all of the extra time we have on our hands, it’s important to have a clutter free head activity to take your mind on the world's craziness.

Next, take your pre-covid regular activities, and zoom! We are so lucky to have many online services like GoogleMeet, Zoom, and Skype, just to name a few. We should be taking these to our advantage! Your mom’s book club, your older brothers frat tailgates, and even your cram sessions with your friends. It can all be done over the internet now, and we are so thankful to connect in this very confusing way. By communicating with the people you once saw in real life, you can create a sense of hopeful reality, once the virus can be tamed and be over with. Lastly, if you live with other people, institute a happy family activity, so you don't bang heads and go bonkers. Most of us haven’t spent this much time with our loved ones in a long time, so make the best of what strength you have left. Whether it’s watching a movie, playing a game, doing a project, or cooking, finding something to keep you family sane together is much needed. These tips are sure to guide you to surviving this winter. With the long winter we have ahead of us, try and stay calm and carry on. No matter what you end up doing, the key to getting through the virus this winter is distracting yourself. So from now on, take those breaks, and watch those movies with your family.

Stella :)

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