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Sew Masks, Save Doctors

Submitted by Jade and Tia from Hockaday High School in Dallas, Texas.

During our time in quarantine, we have been thinking of ways to give back to the amazing communities that continue to work tirelessly to combat COVID-19. This is why we started Sew Masks Save Doctors, a student-led nonprofit organization that hopes to empower refugee and medical communities during the coronavirus outbreak. In partnership with Vickery Trading Company, a nonprofit social enterprise, we help to employ refugee women to sew masks that are then donated to health workers in the front lines. Our journey volunteering in the refugee community began with an interest in the American dream, moreover, the vision that epitomizes the American experience for everyone, regardless of age or nationality. As first-generation immigrants, we wanted to connect and learn from the lives of those who have come to America with similar dreams as our parents: the desire to seek a better quality of life and the desire to seek opportunity. As we seek to get through the COVID-19 pandemic together, we hope to simultaneously help the vulnerable refugee community and our health care workers in the front lines. During this time, we hope to help our communities to persevere, moreover, to never lose hope, and to ultimately support each other as we navigate these difficult times. Please consider supporting us by donating through the link below and sharing with friends and family! _____________________ DONATE: Instagram: Facebook:

Jade and Tia :)

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