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Quarantine Calls for Desperate Measures...

Submitted by Sara Charles from the U of C Lab Schools in Chicago.

Hey guys! Quarantine and self-isolation is anything but fun. But you know what is? Getting a new dog. For all of you that have always wanted a dog but have never gotten one because your parents won’t let you or it isn’t the right time, now is a better time than ever to consider adoption, since you are home and have the time to train or take care of them. So make a power point and share it with your parents. Convince them to adopt a dog! I did this, and it has made self- isolation SO much better!! His name is Trooper, and he's a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He was also a show dog, and is trained to only give kisses on the cheek. So maybe if quarantine seems to get really bad, you can look at this SUPER cute photo I'm attaching below!

Sara Charles ❤️ :)

Side note***

If you also have a super cute dog you think could cheer some other teens up during this quarantine, make sure to send us a blog post with a pic of your doggo so we can share it!! If you only have a pic, make sure to become a member so you can post it on our forums! Remember, a cute doggo pic can cheer almost anyone up!

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