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Positive Difference--meet the teen who started her very own project

Submitted by Taylor Clodfelter from Gibson Southern High School in Indiana.

Hello! My name is Taylor Clodfelter, 18, and I am an Inspiring Teen around the world! I will also be in their magazine and possibly on the cover as well! I am also a senior during this rough time! But I have not let that phase my positive outlook on life! Don’t get me wrong I am extremely upset about not having my senior activities I have worked so hard to achieve :( a little background is that I came from a tragic childhood with my father being very abusive to my family:( I told myself I would never let anyone feel the way I did when I was younger if I can help it! I have turned out to be a very positive, kind hearted, caring and a huge role model to so many others from the way I am today! I am also an Inspiring Teen to others I am in their magazine as well! I was sitting at lunch with my family thinking of what I can do right now to help others through this rough time. I thought of painting rocks with inspiring words and pictures I paint on them! It came to mind because I was thinking of my sadly, passed away grandmother, she painted ducks for the neighborhood when they would be going through rough times in life! And she always told me I was going to make a difference in the world and that is what I am doing! Some of the rocks say “Don’t let COVID win!” “Wash those hands!” And “Be the Change!” I pass them around the town for people to go out on walks and get a smile out of them! This has been my life long dream to get my story out to inspire others and make them smile.

Taylor :)

Look below for pictures of Taylor's rocks and see how she is making a difference in her neighborhood!

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