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PoliPro: Fighting Junk News in the Time of COVID-19

Submitted by PoliPro.

{Right now during the Black Lives Matter Movement, Covid-TV Stands in solidarity and support with people of color and black citizens fighting for equity. In order to become educated about this issue (which is not new, but is rooted in the founding of the United States) we want to emphasize how important receiving true and accurate information is. That is why we want to share the organization PoliPro with you. This is a chrome extension that filters out fake and untrue news, allowing you to only read real facts that inform you about current events and evolvements of the Black Lives Matter Movement.}

Despite the abundance of knowledge available to much of the world, people often remain uninformed about their local political systems. Founders Sanjana Yeddula (Chief Executive Officer) and Ishani Sengupta (Chief Financial Officer) created the chrome extension PoliPro in order to give people easy access to factual information about their government.

Oftentimes, people find themselves having to do outside research while reading an article, which can make reading the news responsibly too time-consuming for the average person. Our goal was to create a platform to give people easy access to trustworthy information about current events and politics without having them stray from typically reliable news outlets such as the New York Times and CNN. We place an emphasis on unbiased, bipartisan information because we feel that some less reliable media sources can be swayed by junk news and propaganda.

Misinformation has also spread with regards to possible cures for COVID-19. Everything from drinks with a high alcohol content, to exposure to high temperatures, to the Trump approved chloroquine have been marketed by various sources under misleading and outright false headlines. This type of speculation is purposeless, if not dangerous, especially in a situation that breeds great emotional stress in us all.

In this precarious time when falsehoods lie in wait around every digital corner, it’s important for every person to remain vigilant in our duty to ourselves and our neighbors to fact check our sources, the expertise of those reporting the information, and whether or not similar information can be found on other reliable sources.

With PoliPro, this process becomes effortless and information can be relayed in just a few seconds, and its simple features allow the extension can be used by anyone who reads the news online. We are continuing to develop PoliPro to include more features and options for users, but our current version includes political candidates, current events, and international figures. With our extension, you can simply highlight the name of a political candidate or current event anywhere on the internet and get instant unbiased, accurate, consolidated information - nothing more & nothing less.

Our other team members include Lucy Qi (Graphic Designer), Jenny Wang (Website Developer/Graphic Designer), Manpreet Singh (Publicity Coordinator), Elizabeth Singh (Partnerships Coordinator), and Bella Philip and Amber Ting (Publicity Department). If you are interested in joining the team, please email

PoliPro :)

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