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Picking Up Old Habits

Submitted by Charlie Benton from the U of C Laboratory School, Chicago.

This whole quarantine is so crazy to the point where it really does feel like normal life. I forgot what seeing friends is like, going out to eat, shopping, etc... Although this is a sad reality, I want to focus on the positive side of this. Throughout my 9th grade, I have been trying to engage in activities to better my life and mental health. Stuff like walking, cooking, reading, and even meditating. Maybe I did one of those things for a week at most. It never really became a habit. One thing I have been trying to do during this time is to focus on one of these activities and try to turn it into a habit. That activity is meditating. Meditating has been the one consistent aspect throughout this very irregular time. Having this little bit of consistently during this time has really helped me keep my sanity!

Charlie :)

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