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Panic Precaution

Submitted by Ananya Sharma in England.

Hi! I’m Ananya Sharma, a student in Year 8 living in England. When the coronavirus took a hit at my hometown, the first thing I was told was that stores are buzzing, and all the goods are in shopping carts instead of on the racks.

After seeing the images of the stores at even 9 a.m, I was sure that no elderly people had managed to squeeze their way into the race without getting trampled over. I was extremely worried, especially for my grandparents who aren’t able to take care of themselves and most definitely would not be able to fight someone else for a roll of toilet paper.

However, it was then announced that specific hours would be designated in shops for vulnerable people, such as the elderly and NHS staff (doctors, nurses, etc.), who could now get food before the panic commenced.

I was extremely relieved. I hope that accommodations for those who can’t fight as hard as the rest of us for our health are made. I think that it’s important to take steps in such tough times to help the community!

Ananya :)

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