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Not My Favorite

Submitted by Grace in Wisconsin.

I am a 7th grader from Wisconsin, and quarantine is not fun. it's not like anyone ever said it was going to be, but i when i heard on march 13th that school was canceled, i assumed it would end in a month or so and in that time i would be having fun and doing projects with my siblings. i don't know why my brain would even let me consider that, because both of my siblings are quite rude. however, we did go to a vacant park last sunday for a picnic. that was fun and me and my sister took pictures. this would be much more enjoyable if i lived somewhere nice, because half the time it's 40 degrees and i can't stay outside without layers of clothing. i would just lay in the sun all day, basking in its glory. but no. it is cloudy and rainy and cold and anything but enjoyable. not to mention there isn't really anything to do outisde. my brother won't let me even barely look at his skateboard, and i am trying to convince my dad to get me a penny board.

speaking of penny boards, i usually spend all my time scrolling through tiktok and talking with friends. well, i only really talk to one person so i guess friend. we actually live quite close to eachother so i rode my bike over to her house. we had a great time. yes, we were both wearing masks and stayed relatively far away from eachother. we also went on a bike ride and then made tiktoks. then we messed with people via snapchat, which i now regret because people are blowing up my phone and calling me stupid because i pretended i was 7. i suppose that was quite dumb. we are planning to see eachother again this weekend.

quarantine is not enjoyable. i know someone whose parents are letting them quarantine with their bestfriend at one of their houses. i don't think i have ever been more jealous. i suppose i am lucky because i have siblings that are sometimes tolerable. my sister bleached her hair. it looks funny now because her roots are growing in. school is now canceled for the rest of the year, and homework is not being graded. this is not a good mix for an unmotivated middle schooler. i normally work very hard to keep my grades up, but at this point i just don't really care. i am going to do some work, but because i know i will have good grades at the end of this, i can't seem to find any motivation. this also frightens me because i know i will be soOOoOO behind when we get back to school in september. if we even return to school in september. my teachers are going to yell at me and i will probably have bad grades first quarter, along with the other half of the class not doing much work.

quarantine has really shown who my real friends are, and how toxic certain people are in my life. i am very afraid to go back to school because i know everything will change. it is just a fact. the person i have spent all my time with will go back to her old friends, and i will go back with my old friend, who is a bit toxic i am not going to lie. i am excited for next year to be over and to go to highschool. i know i am probably raising up highschool and it won't be as good as i thought, but considering the fact that i have gone to a very small school the past 8 years of my life with the same people each year, i am excited to have more than 24 options for friends. i am just rambling now so bye.

Grace :)

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