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It's Surreal.

Submitted by Sabine Kanter-Huchting from Jones College Prep in Chicago.

Before any of us were so personally effected by this virus, I was freaked out. It appeared like one of those dystopian movies coming to life. Though over time, as it suddenly took control of our lives, I realized I wasn’t afraid anymore.

I don’t really know what changed, or maybe I have just gotten used to it consuming my daily life that it has become a new normal. I have found myself spending lots of time worrying for others, and not myself like I was before.

My uncle is an ER nurse, and hearing what he has had to do because of the shortage of PPE is appalling. I feel so lucky that I can be safe at home but part of me wants to help and I just don’t know how. This worst part so far of this experience for me is that I can’t go to see my horses and ride. I’ve had some new/different experiences outside of my home too, like waiting in line to get in the grocery, having people totally avoid me on the street, or just people walking around with those N-95 masks on and plastic gloves.

It’s all a little surreal, and I still can’t grasp my head around a pandemic. I don’t think I ever will. Overall this time will make for good stories, and for now all we have to do is stay home and wait till this is over.

Sabine :)

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