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IRL 2020

Submitted by Sophomore Stella Dale from New Trier High School, Chicago

This year has not shaped out to what we hoped it to be. My friends and I were all like "Hot girl summer!" which is now not our reality. This summer, I was looking forward to taking a trip to the middle east, while exploring different cultures and rituals that would interest me in the future. I was also looking forward to going to the beach with my friends and pulling all-nighters together without worrying about how far away we are from each other. With a pandemic, and other world crisis issues, it's now hard to imagine a fun summer we all once hoped for. Now, I will be socially distancing, and taking up new hobbies and activities. Summer 2020 is not what we all imagined but it is really important to make the most of every second. This summer could be a time to take up a new sport, such as Tennis, Golf, or baseball, sports that you don't need to be next to each other while playing. Maybe This summer you can start to go running more, with a friend or sibling or go walking with your pet. I have been struggling to find fun activities that work for me and my friends and their families so everyone feels comfortable while having fun. One of my best friends, (Lauren Tapper- Co-founder of COVID-TV) has a movie screen she put in her backyard in Chicago. I am excited to watch movies with her while being 6ft apart. Of course I wish this wasn't the case, but when you think of the bigger picture, it's better than not watching movies at all. Personally I have been encouraging my family and friends to adapt to this situation and find fun activities in their homes. And if you ever are struggling to find something to do don't be shy to google search or go on social media hunt.

Stella :)

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