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Holidays are over. Now what?

Submitted by Arielle Newman from University High School in Tucson, Arizona.

Now that the holidays are over, it feels hard to find motivation for whats next. Yeah, theres Valentines day, but that isn't that exciting for me. I'm excited to see my friends, but with Covid-19 cases rising this seems more impossible everyday. Now I'm struggling to find motivation to continue with my school work or stay positive through the pandemic.

The weight of everything feels like its crushing me. Does anyone else feel like this? I hope that once Biden is in office the Vaccines will be distributed way faster. I just turned 16, so I'm old enough to get one. Some of my friends that are 15 and 14 still can't get one even when it become available to the public which is crazy to me!

I just feel very isolated and unmotivated, but I'm hoping that vaccines can change this and help us get back to school again.

Arielle :)

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