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Submitted by Bobby from Manual High School in Illinois.

Hello Covid TV bloggers, my name is Bobby.

My mother is a single mom and she use to work in a casino before the coronavirus lockdown started and she lost her job. She tried applying for unemployment but so far the Illinois unemployment process is still jammed.

Things got bad almost immediately for me my mom and my little brother because we had very little food.

Luckily I found a church right down the street that gives out food every Tuesday but I knew I had to do much more.

Seeing my mom stressed out started making me mad and stress out so I started looking for ways to help my mom make money.

After lots of research I found that the best way to make money is by selling t-shirts online.

I opened an online EtsyT-shirt shop but only could only afford to put a few t-shirts in the store but the few I did make are really cool.

My mom was really proud of me for opening a t-shirt store but I'm not happy at all because I know we're going to lose our apartment if I don't do something amazing, and quick!

I really, really hope I can sell enough t-shirts to help my mom pay some of the bills, ( I think I can, I think I can) unfortunately my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago due to complications of covid-19 however if she were here she would have said "Don't Think You Can, Pray You Can."

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