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Finding Music in Quarantine

Submitted by Norah from Champaign Central High School in Illinois.

During this quarantine, we can find it hard to keep ourselves entertained during the seemingly endless hours of the day. A good way to take up at least a bit of time in a day is music. You can channel music in multiple ways, and you don't even have to be musically talented to be involved with music. Something that I have been doing is setting aside 10 to 15 minutes of my day to just sit down and listen to music. This helps distract us from the very stressful things happening in the world that are beyond our control. If you do play an instrument, or are musically inclined, you can take time to learn fun things on your instrument. I play the Trumpet, so I have been learning to play a lot of pop songs and songs that I enjoy listening to. Overall, listening to music during this hard time can really help you feel happier, and distract you from the stresses of everything happening in the world.

Norah :)

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