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Facing Loss in the Time of Covid-19

It's my biggest nightmare--and something that is becoming a reality for millions. As Coronavirus seems to take over our world, we are forced to deal with something far worse than a quarantine or online school: loss. Loss is something many of us aren't forced to face as kids. We live in a fantasy world where moms and dads only die in the nightmares-until it becomes a reality. And unfortunately many of us are forced to face the possibility of that reality right now.

The possibility of losing a loved one to Coronavirus is definitely something I have thought of during this quarantine, especially for my older and more vulnerable family members. The idea of loss and death is something that is new to me as a teenager, and something that I have not yet had to deal with in my life--at least on a personal level. But now its hard to not view the thousands of deaths from the coronavirus personally.

I'm taking it personally because the people dying could have been just like you or me. They could have been good, ambitious, outgoing, kind, and generous people. It's hard because these people all had their own lives that were ended by this insane virus that is causing our world to be turned upside down. And now they are just displayed as another death of the Coronavirus.

As teens I think loss is one of the hardest things we are forced to deal with. What's worse is that we are forced to deal with thousands of deaths all at once, even if we have never been exposed to death before. As we mature, so will out views on difficult topics such as life and death. But for now, we recognize how hard coming to terms with this the seriousness and fatality of the Coronavirus is, which is why we are always here for you.

Getting through this is tough to say the least, and we are struggling with the idea of loss just as much as you may be. If this ever seems overwhelming, or you need someone to talk to to try to wrap your head around these challenging topics, don't be hesitant to talk to other teens on the forum or to reach out to us at We are always here for you. Remember, we are in this together.

Lauren :)

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