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Submitted by Katie from The U of C Lab Schools in Chicago.

I would like to take a moment to shed light on a horrible situation in Italy, one of the countries that has been impacted heavily by the COVID-19 outbreak. As many may be aware, numerous sources have reported that hospitals in Italy have dwindling ventilators and resources. With their medical facilities being overwhelmed, hospitals have to make a choice. The elderly who have only a few years left to live at their current age are giving up their treatment to younger people. Without their ventilators keeping their breathing steady, the elderly have no choice but to suffocate to death in order for a young to live. Resources are becoming scarce, and soon, difficult choices must be made. The US will have to face the same situation in a matter of weeks.

For most of those like me, who are personally unaffected by the virus, take a moment and think of the reality of the situation. For those who still think it's okay to go outside and have social gatherings, think of the selfishness of your actions. The coronavirus outbreak is a real thing, and though most may not see the effects now, there are thousands suffering outside of the small bubble we live in. I am afraid that not everyone is aware of the importance of doing their part. During this time of uncertainty, we need to be empathetic towards the victims and the families suffering due to the virus. Understand that though you may not be struggling, so many others are and in order to limit the spread of the virus, everybody must be willing to do their share.

Stay safe, empathize with others, and enjoy what you have during this time.

Katie :)

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