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Deck the Halls with Masks

Submitted by Eli from the Pine View School in Florida.

Well, something I thought would never happen happened: Christmas is in Covid. Just like everyone else, I celebrated when my school announced we would be virtual last March. I thought it was like an extended spring break where I could catch up on school or hang out with my brother. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Now it's December 23rd, and Christmas is in just two days. Christmas is a big thing for my family. We always fly up to New York every year and visit my cousins. Now, not only is this one of my first Christmas's without them, but it is also one of my first Christmas's without snow. I remember snow fights in their backyard and waking up super early to open gifts. It feels wrong celebrating without them. It feels wrong to even celebrate in a time like now when cases are getting so high and a new strand of Covid has just appeared.

I think we deserve to celebrate though. At least, thats what I've been telling myself. Yeah, Christmas is weird this year, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. Maybe we can make a new Christmas tradition--Florida style. I'm going to zoom with my family and see my cousins, but at least we know we are being safe this way.

Thats why this year I'm saying "deck the halls with masks." Christmas is weird, but maybe I can embrace it and create new memories or traditions. At least I hope I can.

Happy holidays everyone,

Eli :)

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