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Community Struggles

Submitted by Maile Nacu from the U of C Lab Schools in Chicago, Illinois.

Hello, my name is Maile Nacu and I’m a high school student at the university of Chicago lab schools. I think this blog is great for our community to share our stories and to know that we have each other during this time of uncertainty. My family owns a karate business called Enso Shotokan Karate, and during quarantine we have adjusted to teaching online classes everyday from home. This difficult time of being separated from our teammates has made us appreciate and miss our day to day life and our training that we may take for granted. People who do sports or are a part of some other team/community must be going through similar struggles of keeping up with their daily routine as much as possible, and I think this website is a great way to share ways to stay connected with each other and to stay strong during this time!

Maile :)


***Maile is an ambassador for Support the Unemployed, one of our four community projects that all work to directly impact and help communities effected by the Coronavirus. To become an ambassador for your school, apply here.

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