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Chicago Conquers

Submitted by Project Chicago Conquers Team (Emy, Angie, and Monica) from Illinois Tech.

Community Relief Fund- Our aims are homeless women with or without children, low-income students under CPS, the unemployed, and lastly the hurting families and friends you choose.

Donate to them here!

About us:

All of us have grown up in or around Chicago and care so much about our city, especially now more than ever! We are really fortunate to have enough resources to be able to stay safe and well, but know so many people in our great city need help. A lot of attention has been going towards the frontlines, and rightfully so as they are putting their lives and safety at risk for all of us. However, we cannot fail to forget so many other people being directly impacted by the losses of jobs, incomes, or resources due to this pandemic. Our main goal of this fundraiser is to alleviate the struggles of our direct neighbors during this difficult time. We have identified 4 really great, legitimate, and active organizations in Chicago that are helping to support people in several different ways. We hope that you would lend a hand at a time like this to make sure no one is forgotten and left behind. The only way the city of Chicago is going to conquer this is if the people conquer this! Together! Please feel free to reach out to any of us three regarding questions. For any donations of $20 and above, we are including a specially designed shirt as a token of our appreciation! These shirts were made with a lot of love and are an emblem to our city’s great pride and perseverance.

After you donate, we will be contacting you through your email provided to select which one of the organizations you would like your donation to go towards. Our aims are homeless women with or without children, low-income students under CPS, the unemployed, and lastly the hurting families and friends you choose. 100% of profits are going towards the organizations listed below.100% of profits are going towards the organizations listed below.

1) Children First Fund This fund provides support for CPS’ students and families extending beyond the classroom, particularly in times of crisis. The Children First Fund originally works with partners across Chicago and beyond to build new and innovative programs that bring a better school experience to more students across the district. However, they have created the Compassion Fund to specifically best support CPS students and families most impacted by COVID-19 and the resulting school closures. Funds go towards direct emergency relief for families facing extenuating circumstances, continued support for CPS’ Meal Distribution efforts, remote-learning devices and many other goals.

2) PRIMO Center for Women and Children The PRIMO center is the largest provider of shelter for homeless women and children in Chicago. This center makes a difference by providing and creating programming that empowers these vulnerable Chicago residents. Englewood Community Kitchen is also inside the PRIMO center and is a space to create positive food experiences and personal wellness. Funds will go to provide basic needs, including food, supplies, and equipment, to support remote student learning. Due to the pandemic, donations will be extremely helpful to keep the families and staff safe and healthy.

3) Our Neighbors in Need Over half a million Illinois residents have filed for unemployment so far. Just last week, a record high of 200,000 claims were made. We know that many of our families are struggling to adjust to this new reality. Additionally, the cost of hospital bills, medications, etc are crippling when other expenses such as rent and groceries still remain. If you know of families where the primary caregivers have become unemployed or sick and need help, please reach out to us if they are comfortable with it! It is our top priority to keep their privacy and respect their wishes because there is no shame in needing assistance. Please fill out the form to let us know their information and needs.

4) Greater Chicago Food Depository The Chicago Food Depository is one of the organizations making the largest impact on our city right now. With the increasing need for food, Chicago’s Food Bank is looking for more allies to help respond! Many pantries have been forced to shut down so their community partners have worked together to add pop-up pantry sites on Chicago’s South and West sides. There is an urgent need for more donations and able volunteers. Just $50 can help provide for 150 community members.

Chicago Conquers :)

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