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Can 2020 even end?

As we move into the new year, I find myself asking "can 2020 even end?"

Of course it can, but it doesn't seem like it. To a lot of people, it still feels like March was yesterday--probably because many of us haven't left our homes since then.

As everyone is saying: let 2021 be better than 2020! In couldn't agree more, but I think it's also important to remember that the year is what you make of it. Yes, many of us have been held back by the pandemic and many of our goals for 2020 got postponed by quarantines and high Covid cases. However, now that a vaccine has started to be distributed, and many schools, camps, and programs are starting to return to in-person activities, I think it is time we claim control of 2021.

As tradition goes, set New Years Resolution goals on the 1st. But really (really!) follow through with them this year. We lost control of 2020, but 2021 is your year to get ahead and accomplish those goals you have been pushing off.

I'll start-- in 2021 I want to:

- Read more books--especially classic novels that I haven't had a chance to pick up yet

- Get ahead on school assignments--stop procrastinating!! (because, lets get real--everyone does it)

- Spend more time with my brothers and less time on my phone

And that is just the start. The key is to set small, simple goals that you can reach. Now, write these on a post-it note or piece of paper. Stick this to something you look at everyday, maybe your computer, the back of your phone case, or a journal.

Every time you feel like falling off, remember that 2021 is the year where we take control of our life, goals, and decisions. Re-claim the year, and take back all the time we lost to the pandemic in 2020.

Lauren :)

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