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Bored in the House and I'm in the House Bored

Submitted by Lolo from Saint Ignatius High School in Chicago.

The notorious tik tok song describes my emotions perfectly, “Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored”. Life has gotten pretty routine these days. But here are some things I’ve been doing to spice up my day instead of playing that 6th game of fortnite. As for communicating with friends, not much is going on so there can be little to talk about. So, my friends and I have begun doing weekly presentations. We start by picking a category, like last week was “Top Ten Most Embarrassing Things I’ve Ever Done” and then we each made a slideshow detailing those events and FaceTimed to go through them. It was hilarious and was for sure the highlight of my week. Other categories I would recommend are biggest fears, weirdest dreams, worst pictures of yourself, and favorite childhood memories. As for families, it’s easy to get sick of each other right now but when you’re looking for some human interaction they’re all you got. My favorite activity with them so far has been fashion shows. We’ve got plenty of free time so why not try on everything in your closet. Whether we dressed up as each other or as our 10 year old selves it was always amusing. It’s also a fun way to be productive and organize your closet. As for myself, while I love watching Outer Banks or All American, sometimes when the clock hits 3pm and I haven’t left my bed except for food runs I feel a little guilty. One thing I’ve enjoyed doing instead is making photo albums. It’s easy to spend hours getting lost in a hole of looking through old photos but yet somehow it feels productive. I made my mom a scrapbook for Mother’s Day and while it was cringeworthy seeing my third grade hairdos and outfit choices it was entertaining. I added captions to the photos, cut out things from magazines, and used every color crayon in the Crayola 64 Pack. So next time you’re “bored in the house and in the house bored” maybe put together a presentation, host a fashion show, or scrapbook.

Lolo :)

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