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Bama Rush on Tik Tok: Are We Focused on The Wrong Delta?

Submitted by Stella from New Trier High School in Chicago, Illinois.

Earrings from Fabrik, dresses from Pants Store, jewelry from Kendra Scott...Is Bama Rush Tik Tok the only Delta we need to worry about?

A very minor, (but very selective) sorority recruitment took over Tik Tok for a couple days this past week. University of Alabama’s southern right of passage. How is it possible that everyone on the app is among the freshman girl recruitment demographic? It’s not, but what is are the thousands of dance videos of girls in their name tags, outfit of the day videos, and excessively spray tanned bleached hair southern belles. But I shouldn’t say they are all southern belles, I would get cancelled for that

While scrolling through my for you page, I realized I might have been thinking about the wrong Delta. Well, is there a right one? No, but Tri Delt, Delta Gamma and Kappa Delta’s sororities shouldn't be the main Delta’s we think about this week.

The frustrating breakthrough of the new Covid mutation is making people worried of their safety. What a switch up. Life was so simple when all we had to worry about was what we wore for rush. At least rush at Alabama is in person...but for how much longer?

We made it to August. It seems like we finally beat Coronavirus. But wait, because by surprise the finish line got put out of sight again. It feels like how it did in 2020. Almost like we have come full circle, and the circle is getting bigger and bigger. Outerbanks just launched their season 2 comeback, so it really feels like how it did in the first Covid quarantine.

The first? Yes, the first because we could potentially see ourselves in the near future in another one just like before. I can’t say I am thrilled, I was hoping this was the last pandemic wave I would have to experience in my lifetime.

With Covid getting bad again, is it a bad idea so many people are congregated in person for recruitment? The thrill of opening the bid isn’t the same, but is it safer? The new Delta variant raises a lot of questions for not only middle aged doctors at the CDC, but also affects everyone on a whole new level.

Whether there is another shot or vaccine, we will do what is safe so we can truly rush in peace one day.

Stella :)

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