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Bored in the House and I'm in the House Bored

Why am I so bored in quarantine, and what can I do to stay entertained?

I'm writing to you absolutely and utterly bored. In the first few days in quarantine I was able to find things to do, like read, watch Netflix, and even bake. But now that I have been doing this for about 15 days straight, it's getting tiring. As much as I wish I could hang out with friends or even go back to school, I'm still stuck in my house with nothing to do. This is why I am going to create a list of projects and activities that we can do in quarantine to keep from being bored.


The first of these, of course, is paint. Or any art for that matter. Now that all this free time has opened up, let your creativity run free. In our normally scheduled lives, I have almost no time to just stop and be creative. I feel like I am always running from thing to thing, and never have time to stop and take a breath. That is why I am trying to use my time at home to sit back and do the things I have never had time to do before.

Finish that Movie Collection

Sticking with this theme of trying things that I never have time to do, I have decided to try and finish my list of goal movies. You know, that one movie that you always wanted to watch but never got around to watching. Yes, that one. Well, this is your time! With all this extra time, I have taken to trying to watch all the movies that I never had time to watch before. Some of these include Groundhog Day, The Anchorman, and Zombieland. I have to admit, Zombieland was definitely my brother's choice and not mine, but it was funny and made me realize that my situation could be worse. I may be in quarantine, but at least I'm not in a zombie apocalypse!


By baking I don't mean following the instructions on the box and just mixing in some box powder. Take the time to make your very own creation. If you are quarantined with your family, try making it into a competition like Cupcake Wars, or force yourself to cook with a theme. You can even challenge yourself to use a mystery ingredient, chosen by a parent or sibling. Because you have so much time, challenge yourself to make the best cupcakes or brownies you can. You never know, maybe baking was your hidden passion that you never knew about!

Scavenger Hunt

Here is something fun and time consuming that you can do with your whole family: make a scavenger hunt! Hide fun objects around the house, place hidden clues, do whatever you need to do. This is an easy way to fill up a bored afternoon, and involves your whole family. You can even try to do things like make an escape room or other maze/challenge for your family.

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what you do. Just take this time to be creative, and do something that you wouldn't normally have the time to do. This may be an extremely difficult situation, but try to find the silver lining of it all. We now have the ability to spend time with out families, or even ourselves. Make the best of this free time, and use it to discover something about yourself and others that you never would have known without quarantine. And to help us all out, comment other fun activities to do when we are bored in the house, or submit your very own blog post.

Lauren :)

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