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A-Z: 2020 Recap

Submitted by Stella from New Trier High School in Chicago, Illinois.

People are coming up on one year of covid, and instead of throwing a one year anniversary party with bacteria themed snacks (because that’s not covid safe,) let’s review all of the things we have overcome this past year.

January 26th, is the one year date since pro-basketball star Kobe Bryant and daughter died. This was the devastating kick off to the year we know as a bad one. So here's an alphabet list of the events we know as the rollercoaster year as 2020.

Australian Bushfires

Bryant helicopter crash

Covid, because hello? 1920 called-they want their pandemic back

Distribution of the long awaited Coronavirus vaccine

Eddie Van Halen Death

Fauci, the guy who helped us idiots start wearing masks so we wouldn't catch corona George Floyd, a start but not an ending for racial injustice

Hand sanitizer wiped out of stores, buying Purell was an extreme sport

Impeached Trump, twice.

Justice, for people who needed it the most, back in 2020

Kimye divorce? We're waiting for details Kimberly! (this happened in 2021, but we knew it was coming since 2020)

Locusts swarm Africa

Murder hornets-that really stung

NBA suspends season, march madness still happened with those family walks we all had to do

Online classes, go get your chargers and zoom to your living room, your in for a treat Presidential election, that took days longer than we had expected

Q-tip nasal swaps because, ouch.

Royal family splits--gen alpha babies had enough of Buckingham palace, because everyone would get sick of it, right?

Schitt’s Creek won like a thousand Emmy awards, you can’t be too bebe to watch it

Tiger King-were you even Netflix and Chilling if you don’t know who Carole Baskin is? University of Alabama students threw parties to see who could get covid, ugh millennials. Vaccines, flu and covid, making its way to doctor’s offices and urgent cares across the country

World War Three- almost

Xbox and Wii and PS5’s, if you weren't gaming, were you even a gen z?

Yarn, or another hobby taken up from march through may?

Zoom. You get the gist.

Though this year was pretty difficult, everyone survived. Insert Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive here. If you are reading this, you might not experience another pandemic like this, but if you think about it, 100 years from now, everyone will say that we were old fashioned. So with that, this alphabet list is meant to be a recap, a laugh, and a hence a chuckle in between all of the madness. 2021 is off to a rocky start, but let’s hope it's not as crazy as 2020 was at large.

Stella :)

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